I’ve been a Porsche owner since January 2015 when I took the decision to fork out for a 1999 996 C2 (32k miles). I had been thinking about a Vantage or a 928 but several things won me over.

My 996

1) Design. The 996 is, by a long way, the prettiest car I’ve ever seen. I’ve thanked Pinky Lai for going way beyond what the Porsche production engineers would have settled for. I like the 928, the 959 and the less obviously race-centred of the recent 911s too (but they are gradually getting their curves softened and their size increased).

2) Engineering. All recent P machines have been manufactured in comparatively large numbers. I much prefer standardised parts availability to exclusivity.

3) Performance. My car is capable of cornering and covering ground way faster than my driving skill (and nerve) can handle. So it offers just the right level of power and precision. I probably won’t be forking out for a whale tail or a cat bypass in the forseeable.

4) Price. Thanks to the internet trolls for talking up the small number of serious engine problems with this vehicle. In my book, almost no cars are an investment, so I’m just amused that they waste their time dissing a great product.

I’ll be writing more about each of these topics in this blog. I have some history with online writing, so I’m looking forward to having my opinions ‘challenged’ in the comments 😉

You may also fancy buying some of the range of merchandise I’ve designed to celebrate some great car designs. I’ve tried to keep the prices down to an absolute minimum whilst offering an eyepopping choice of colours and slogans. If you want to send me a photo of you wearing an item, together with your car perhaps, I’ll be happy to add your story to the blog.

And ‘Class Action’? I thought I’d turn Porsche’s PR nightmare into a positive and maybe also take a sideswipe at all those lawyers who suddenly switched to Mercedes – and couldn’t spot the difference.

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