sunnier timesThis picture was taken a few months ago during the afternoon of the Scottish Summer. As the weather where I live is now worsening from just  ‘dreich’ to better-call-Noah, I’m spending more time reading web articles and polishing my car than actually driving it.

I’ve rediscovered a couple of sets of my bookmarks which you may find interesting (assuming you aren’t too busy carving the canyons of California to be bothered).

The first is about anything Porsche-related which I thought interesting before I actually bought one.


The second set of links consists of everything 996-centric which I’ve stumbled upon since becoming a devotee.


Call me obsessive, but I do like to keep informed. These collections include the views of people who drive in cycling gloves, beardy celebs from when colour tv was cool, manically  overcaffeinated young men and IMS doom-and-gloomers (each selling their own recipes for eternal engine life).

Whatever crazy, out-of date or breathily fanboyish opinions are expressed, they don’t come with my endorsement. These authors/presenters all however seem to have something in common. They are really enjoying driving the 996.

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