A few lines about lines

Where I grew up, it didn’t do for males to voice opinions about anything aesthetic. We were supposed to just accept that everything would be brown or tweedy and shaped to be just as functional as a Ferguson tractor. Any talk about graceful lines or colour palettes, especially if using more than two syllables at a time, labelled you as ‘unmarriageable.’

Where to begin? Well the biggest problem is that these replacement lamps are way too large, making the vehicle look like a clown. This causes the wings to appear as if they actually slope up towards the front, which is just sooo wrong. Then there is the mix of black trim and chrome...:

Now I know better than to suppress my taste in design. I’ve even got a Pinterest account (although you won’t find any of the usual nail art or yummy cake porn there).

In fact, I’ve begun keeping a record there of design I particularly don’t like. Not surprisingly, much of this is car-centred (as I speak, it all is). I’m only too well aware of how hard it is to launch any product, but these should all have been revised or rejected.

Please feel free to indulge in spirited criticism of my preferences, but good luck trying to change my mind about any of them.

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