A (very short) road movie

My longsuffering wife bought me a GoPro camera for my birthday and I spent a few happy hours attempting to attach it to the inside of my 996.

I was aiming to get the new toy to take pictures of the road ahead. Instead, I managed to capture several disturbing closeups of my nose, reflections of the dashboard and two cameo performances of Aztec, our aged cat. He insists on delaying  both outward and return journeys by sauntering, as usual, just ahead of the advancing Pirellis.

It would be clever, I thought, to film the side mirror view at the same time, but actually it just induces mild nausea.

Notice my insistence on changing into the wrong gear every so often and you should also be aware that the speedo is malfunctioning (ahem).

This is the road most beloved of motorcyclists in Perthshire, since it now has a smooth coat of new tarmac as well as the same old, beautiful curves.

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