Chassis shampoo

It’s November now and surprising that we have had no freezing weather yet. Sometimes I wonder if global warming is actually a bad thing (I live on a hill). My suspicion though is that the winter is just waiting to turn my local roads into quagmires of ice and salt.

Concerned about the tarmac-facing side of my car, I managed to get hold of a shop-soiled chassis washer device by Karcher. What they had to pay the AA, for their approval, heaven only knows.

Karcher chassis cleaner

Karcher chassis cleaner

The price of a new one is over £70, which I though ridiculous for a hose on wheels, so I went the much-travelled eBay route and paid about £35 (This system relies on you already owning one of their pressure washers). Together, they managed to dislodge a tonne of brownish muck from our old CRV, and some weird, black silt-like material from the 911’s wheel wells.

The water jet seems very effective at spraying the underside, although given the Porsche’s jigsaw of panels under there, I’m not sure how much contact I’m achieving between the special liquid waxy stuff they recommend and the rustable components themselves. I’ve emailed their UK customer service people a couple of times (“Which nozzle should I use?”) and they were totally on the ball.

Although I’ve given myself yet another car maintenance task, it feels good to have a weapon in the war between aging ferrous metal and high-velocity sodium chloride solution.

Does anyone go to the extent of having their vehicle chassis coated in tarry stuff, like my father used to do?


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