Flashing dash (–> flashing cash?)



I’ve been a bit preoccupied this week, since my dashboard started to flash numerous red lights at me (starting with the seemingly innocuous one at the ‘120’ mark).

There were lots of great suggestions made by my online friends. I’ve even ordered up a bluetooth plugin diagnostic box, but having seen some of the demos, I’m a  bit worried about a) the security of having all my car data beamed to every router I pass and b) the prospect that the hardware may come loaded with malware. We shall see. Normally my diagnostic skills consist of spotting steam pouring from the engine compartment or hearing graunching noises over the happy rumble of that gorgeous flat six.

After much wiggling of wires, turning of belt wheels and refilling of reservoirs, the most likely problems turn out to be a faulty coolant temperature sensor (and a possible leaky coolant tank cap).  My friendly, but physically distant, mechanic David Phillips gave me some email diagnosis and I’m getting him to check it out in the next few days. All I have to do is drive 50 miles without cooking the engine. I’ll be taking a bottle of coolant in the frunk for any necessary pitstops, en route.

Fingers crossed.

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