Lamps and lineage

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Ok, so I’ll own up to having a Pinterest account. It’s not just for party girls or soccer moms, you know. If you can focus clearly on what kinds of images you are into, it’s a pretty cool way to follow lots of developments in any field. No need to read huge volumes of text…if you are interested, just click through to the source page.

As with any other form of social media, some aspects drive me nuts of course…I really don’t like their recommendation engine that insists I’m keen on caravans and Christmas decorations. Instead, I tend to follow people with an eye for engineering and sculpture (avoiding like the plague anyone with boards entitled ‘nail art’, ‘words of inspiration’ or even ‘yummy cake ideas’.

Anyway, the Pinteresti are always trying to find ways to make their site more engaging (so they can sell stuff, eventually). One tool they’ve introduced is the ability to search for visually similar images. I have a bit of a track record in this area, so I was keen to know how well their visual search worked.

I cropped a picture of a 996’s headlamp and it came up with a lot of lights which seem to be pretty closely related to the famous front end of the beloved 996. It’s actually pretty impressive that only headlights appeared…normally with such systems, you can expect the odd random goat or mountain scene.

My conclusion, as you’d expect, is that the 996 was years ahead of its time in design terms. Generations of modern cars seem to bear features descended from the work of Pinky Lai. Oval headlights are certainly one element symptomatic of the 911, but they just haven’t been as widely adopted as the classic Bosch fried eggs.

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