Merch, not Meh


I’m sorry but I can’t be silent any longer. I don’t see why a brand a great as Porsche continues to struggle along with merchandise, especially clothing, that is just second rate. I don’t mean in terms of manufactured quality, just in terms of design.

Their T shirts are a case study of uncool. There is no brand identity or theme. They look like they come from several different companies. They don’t reflect the shared values of ownership or the varied qualities of their vehicle range, historic and present. The colours are apparently random. The pricing is too high. A cycling shirt? Seriously? They bought a licence to use the Steve McQueen name and then used it for this lot. I’m not a fan of baseball caps but you have to ask, would McQueen be seen dead wearing any of this stuff?

Have you ever seen anyone wearing one of these official Driver’s Selection shirts? No other part of Porsche’s business is so poorly thought out.

Worse still, take a look at some of the competition (eg here and here).

Effortless cool, colour themed, reflecting brand values and tight, dramatic designs.

I won’t get into a discussion about Audi, BMW or Aston Martin because they aren’t even trying. How odd is that in a market sector that lives for competition and in which brands are so important to so many fanfolk? (both owners and wannabes).

This is one of my reasons for starting Class Action Designs. Porsche people surely want to wear stuff that effectively communicates “This car marque reflects who I am, what I really care about.”

My suggestion would be for Porsche to invite 20 of the World’s top designers to submit some ideas for where to go with their merchandising. In the meantime, do please consider buying something from this independent source. Next up, in 2016, is a 917 design, based on a painting of mine.



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