Nice shirt, great car (shame about the face)

I just thought I’d say a big  ‘Thank you‘ to everyone who has bought something from the Class Action Designs gear store. The support is much appreciated.

If you have ideas for designs or additional products, I’d love to hear about them…(as long as they don’t involve anything that looks like this, or is priced like this 😉


Not exactly male model material, I know, but this old fellow tries hard (whoever he is). Pity he hasn’t learned to use an iron (and can’t even remember to turn off his lights).

If you know anyone who would look better than this guy great in a 996-themed shirt or hoody…do please send them this  link.

We’ve even cut the prices of some selected products, (Hoodies with the ‘Porsche 911’ logo) by way of a Happy New 2016 gift.


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