Retro rocket

Those people at Total 911 magazine know a thing or two about their readership. They recognise that there are large numbers of 996 owners who feel looked-down upon. That’s one reason why they keep generating supportive articles like this. The other reason is that anyone with the ability to interpret numbers and written English understands what superb value these cars represent (although I’m not clear why the 996 gets only two stars on their five star scale).


The video talks about £15k to £20k being the price for a 996. Only a few months ago, people would have scoffed at paying this kind of money for even a low mileage, great condition car. It seems that the idea is spreading that this is a) the best looking car Porsche ever made and b) a 911.

It’s hard to know without a test drive how good the CSR refit actually is -especially since £20k is a lot of money. Aesthetically, I’m no fan of ducktails, the chequered seats are a 928 thing, as far as I’m concerned and the Fuchs wheels belong to an earlier era.

Aside from all that, it’s exciting to see that the very best of design is always worthy of being revisited and uprated. As a devotee of the narrow-body bodyshell, this looks like an awesome new product. £20k might actually represent value for money if it also buys you a secure business relationship with people who know, and love, your car.


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