Are you obsessed by making modifications to your car?

I’m always pretty scared to just start cracking open the cylinder block or even changing the oil filter.

Have I got the right tools to hand? Am I SURE this is a left-handed thread? What happens if I discover some filings, scoring or mysterious, cloudy leakage instead of bright metal? It’s particularly pathetic given the years I spent learning the theory of Mechanical Engineering (Yes, I can deal with entropy and dimensional analysis, but have no clue about toe-in or feeler gauges).

This terror actually got worse after I invested in a copy of the relevant Bentley manual (2,000 fun  ways to make a £2,000 mistake).

With this mindset, I thought I was doing something wild and ambitious when I cleaned the sticky gunk off my radio buttons. Then I saw this guy at work. What a hero.

Even more out-there is this M96 motor upgrader. I may need a clutch replacement soon, but he probably needs one every week. As for tyres, I hope they have a local rubber plantation.

Inspired by creative geniuses such as these, I have cast caution to the slipstream and performed my own radical mod. It’s in the picture below.

wheel modWhat do you mean ‘where?’

I used a clear, Nasa approved zip tie to hold the shield in place, even when I’m hooning around at outlandish speeds (of up 50 MPH). I can tell you’re impressed.


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