Take action! Grab some shirts…

White on grey design

White on grey design

So here is one possible Class Action shirt design -a tasteful white on grey.

As the holiday season approaches, how about choosing your own favourite colour combination to illustrate your devotion to 996-dom?

I’m a big fan of the hoodies at this time of the year for three reasons:

  • if you are still driving your machine in winter, they work really well as in-car clothing
  • if you have your car off the road, your hooded top will be a constant reminder that Spring, and normal RPM, will return soon.
  • the hoodies carry the Class Action Designs logo on the back (which I think is cool, obviously).

(PS, the shirt in shot has been washed about five times and is still in great shape. After about 1000 washes, it will become ‘vintage’. After about 2000 washes, you can use it as a polish cloth -and buy some more of the latest designs!)

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