Whoa!…how I saved another £80


My central brakelight unit has been malfunctioning, with only some of the lamps switching on during braking.

Having removed the unit, a handful of grey plastic fragments fell out.  This is a 16 year old piece of kit, located above a hot engine, so it’s not that surprising.

Eventually, I managed to work out (using a separate battery and some wires) that the bulbs are all fine, but the copper connector bars were locally disconnected from some of the bulb bodies.

A small amount of plastic strip and some glue was used to neatly repair this (although I have to admit that it was the threat of the £80 for a replacement unit that caused me to take the work on myself).

Some of these parts, when bought direct from planet Porsche, are set at crazy prices. My father who was an auto electrician, dissected many Porsche OEM systems and discovered that even back in the 70s these were just comprised of VW components rebranded and tripled in price.

That might work in Beverly Hills, for a while, but not in my neck of the woods.

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